Wm Leddon Studios | Cockeysville, Md.

The Portrait Process:

Portrait Commissions are Bill’s favorite assignments. Bill incorporates his portrait subjects with beautiful scenic & architectural environments as the back drops for his portraits.

Bill has many different looks to his portrait compositions, ranging from studio, in home, or outdoor natural or architectural locations.  Studio work can be a classic painterly look or a contemporary modern rendition. Are you planning on traveling, Bill will meet you at your favorite vacation destination to create a memorable portrait of your family with an iconic landscape as your background.

Style and Portrait Interpretation is a critical element in your portrait rendering. The portrait should capture the essence of your personality, lifestyle, or relationship to anyone else in the portrait. The mood and style of the composition can be calm and tender, or bold and intense. Your vision for the end product will be the culmination between our expertise and your involvement.

Pre-session Design Consultation:  You and Bill discuss your vision of the portrait, and coordinate the design elements such as the filming location, clothing to be worn,whether it will be casual or formal, all to compliment the room where it will be displayed.

Selecting your images: You will be entertained with a beautiful musical video viewing of your portrait session including artistic embellishments in an assortment of presentation styles. You will then go thru a selection process to choose your images.

The Process: All finished prints are made by Master Giclee Printer and Photographer, Bill Leddon himself.  Bill will help you decide on the best print media that will accentuate your portrait. You may choose between painterly canvas, a contemporary metallic or luster, or a soft water color paper, to match the subject matter and esthetics of the room where it will be displayed. Before every final print is produced, Bill will print a preliminary artist proof to insure each finished portrait meets his standards. These artist proofs are never viewed by or offered for purchase by the client.  In other words, Bill never shows anything that he is not 100% satisfied with or is worthy of his signature.

The Promise: We are committed to working within everyone’s budget.  We offer several payment options and incentive discounts to insure you don’t leave sacrificing anything from your wish list.  Even more important, we honer a 100% money back guarantee on your portrait order, or will completely redo your order free of charge if you are not absolutely thrilled with your portraits.
Sessions Available:

* Basic 1 – Hour Location Environmental Session:
Sessions take place during all daylight hours except for Sunset Hours. Limited to 10 mi. radius of studio. Your Home or Outdoors

* Traditional Environmental Session:
Extends your session to over hours, expands your product opportunities, including photographing during the Golden Light of Sunset.
Limited to 10 mi radius of studio. Your Home or Outdoors.

* Destination Environmental Portrait Session:
We expand our travel to 50 mi radius of studio.  The beaches on our eastern shores, or our mountain lakes & streams.

* Epic Destination Environmental Session:
Are you going on a once in a lifetime vacation?  Capture iconic landscapes as your portrait background.

* Studio Session:
Studio session times will vary per requirements, such as individual, couples or small groups.